Loudoun Square Case Study

We are extremely proud of the Loudoun Square project and what was achieved by our team. The £13million scheme was a collaboration between Cardiff Community Housing Association, Cardiff Council, and Cardiff and the Vale Health board. It was developed by Bouygues UK. The Butetown area was in serious decline with boarded-up properties and a run-down health centre. If you were to go there today you would find a very different environment.

The building of such a huge development was approached in a new way. This was done in phases so that no facility was closed for the entire duration of the build, e.g. ground floors of houses were used as temporary shops so that retailers did not lose business. Phase one of the scheme, which began in 2010, was an exciting challenge for us and the work produced was of the highest standard and quality. Due to the standard of work and the success of phase one we were then asked to do phase two of the scheme and again delighted with the finish and commitment to quality we then completed the development by doing phase three.

Tackling logistical problems, building with new guidelines, and achieving the environmental benefits of the projects made the build very interesting. The results are something all who worked on the development over the three-year period very proud of. The project not only looks amazing but had met every environmental standard set. The new community centre and shops were designed to achieve excellent BREEAM standards and did. Alongside that, the health centre is the first BREEAM Excellent Centre in Wales and was awarded a Welsh BREEAM Health care award.

The homes incorporate exciting new environmental strategies such as rainwater harvesting and biomass fuelling and the homes have achieved Sustainable Homes Code 4 and 5.

Loudoun Square was awarded the Development of the Year at the UK Housing Awards in 2014, shortly after its completion. This was a privilege to achieve and we were proud of what our team had contributed to this project.

Recently, Loudoun Square was awarded the honour of being in the top eight of the best-designed buildings in the prestigious RICS Wales (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors) awards on the 15th of May 2015. The judges commented, “Loudoun Square is an exemplar of regeneration, collaboration, and community engagement….. benchmarking new vigor for segregated multicultural populations for generations to come.”

We are very proud and happy to have been part of this project and seen it through from its infancy until its completion.

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